What Are Web Stores?

Our free web store service allows you to sell your apparel right online through a fun and user-friendly site that we set up for you.  It’s incredibly simple to build your custom store featuring your sports teams, corporate clients, fundraisers, and more in just a few minutes.


Why Choose a Web Store?

Web stores eliminate the frustration that often comes with collecting money and sizes when gathering your order together. In this way, we offer a platform designed to help you reach your audience in a visually appealing way. Your audience will have the option to choose from your available garments, choose their size and quantity, and purchase their items through a mobile-friendly checkout process, all within minutes.

Endless Garment Selections

Our customers love our web store feature, especially when it comes to fundraisers. It couldn’t be easier to offer customers a variety of garment styles through the online store too. Maybe you’d like to offer your design on both short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts? Want to throw in a hoodie or jacket to your offered web store selections? It’s all achievable through the online web store, and the best part is, we do all of the work for you!

A Heart to Help

Huckleberry Apparel is an independent business that not only provides quality, custom apparel for your business or organization, but that also tirelessly commits to serving families with needs in an effort to support the cause and promote hope. Creating an avenue for families to host fundraisers is what we do, and we do it with heart and commitment. We’re proud to be a local, small business that treats our clients like family, giving every order the care and attention it deserves.