Embroidery VS Screen Printing

Screen printing is the process of applying ink to a substrate by forcing it through a screen mesh. Embroidery is the process of thread, needle and sewing to create your image or pattern. Although screen printing offers a crisp and soft feel, it cannot be applied to any and all garments. That’s where embroidery is commonly used. Because screen printing has its challenges when it comes to materials that are not flat surfaces, embroidery is often used on hats, bags, and jackets.

While embroidery is often used for special placements and garment embellishments, screen printing is loved for its ability to produce a high level of detail. Any shading, gradients, and textures are ideal for screen printing.

We also offer leather patch which has grown is popularity over the years. This technique falls within our “embroidery services” category, though its is not technically the same. Our leather patch option comes in a variety of shapes and colors, including black. The image is laser etched into the leather, thus revealing the dark inner layer of the leather material and providing a precise, clean outline.

So when thinking about which process will be best, just remember t-shirts are always optimal for screen printing whereas oddly shaped items, or materials that do not lay flat are typically best for embroidery.

Cost Differences

The cost difference varies and depends on the artwork, sizing, surface and many other factors that come into play with embroidery. Whereas the price for screen printing is based on quantity, the price for embroidery is based on thread count.

Our screen printing services are offered with no setup or artwork fees involved, making it a great option for staying under budget. While our embroidery services also come with affordable options, please keep in mind that we charge a $45 digitizing fee.

What is Digitizing?

Much like screen printing, the artwork needs to be rendered for the computer to read the paths of the image and create a blueprint of the contour for sewing. We call this process “digitizing”. There is a production cost of $45 associated with this process. Our design team will create artwork for your embroidery needs, or should you choose to provide your own artwork, our staff will ensure that the files are prepared and vectorized for best sew results.

Choosing Our Embroidery Process

When you choose our embroidery service we will ensure that your order is both efficient and cost effective. Our design team will send you a proof featuring the artwork for your approval before we launch production. Once you are satisfied with the design, we can begin by ordering your items and scheduling production and a pickup date.


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