You can design your own custom apparel in minutes with our online Designer Studio!

Choose from available clip art or start from scratch by uploading your own design using the user-friendly creation tools.

What is custom apparel design?

Apparel design is a popular way to add a personal, creative touch to a garment, a t-shirt being one of the most recognized types of clothing in the world.

There are many options for designs on apparel. A design can have images or pictures, words, original art or even logos or slogans. A custom design can let you express your individuality or show your solidarity with a group or team. Apparel designs can also be a great way to advertise your business or company, and are even used as uniforms in many industries.

How can I make a design for a t-shirt?

One of the best parts of apparel designing is that anyone can do it!

Whether you can already take credit for designing an awesome t-shirt, or you haven’t doodled since middle school, we believe there’s a t-shirt designer in every one of us.

Don’t believe us? That’s okay–we’re here to show you just how easy it can be.

Dive right in with our online Designer Studio – a great place for beginners. The Designer Studio will let you see changes to your design as they happen and give you a real sense of what you’re creating.

You can find the perfect garment from our inventory selections. You will also be prompted to pick a garment color and experiment with fonts, clipart and other customization tools to find the layout that works for you. If you know you want to incorporate a logo or image, you can also upload original art.

Start with a template and then make it your own! If you like a little inspiration before you tap into your inner designer, we offer a clipart library full of design ideas to get you started.

For those of you that want a little help before getting started with your design, we have some pointers from our printing specialists:

1. Make sure your image files are high quality

This is one of the most common problems we see with t-shirt designs, and the image quality of your art can make or break the final product. We recommend images that are 200 dpi or higher at full size.

2. Focus on your fonts

On t-shirts, how your message looks is just as important as the words you use. So carefully consider the font you want to use and how it might add or detract from what you’re trying to say on your shirt.

3. (Print) Location, location, location

A mistake we often see with design placement is when the placement for a standard center front design is too low and the design ends up somewhere closer to your belly area, rather than the center chest where it should be. Make sure you carefully place the design in an area that will wear comfortably and be visually appealing.

Need some more inspiration? We have a whole gallery of apparel design ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

Adding the final touches to your design

Once you finalize and submit your design, it enters the hands of our incredibly talented print specialists. Each design is reviewed, and prepared for printing in an effort to make sure that it’s ready to become the custom garment that you envisioned.

Want to leave the designing to the pros? Our design team is equipped to collaborate with you to create a professional, quality design. Please keep in mind that we do charge a fee of $20/hr for art services (1 hr minimum) when orders are less than 12 pieces.

Our Designer Studio only displays garments that are 100% cotton. This ensures that the vibrancy of the print is maintained, as well as ensuring that the garment does not become damaged during the print process.

If you do not see the shirt you want, that does not mean we don’t have it. Just give us a call or shoot us an email for more information!

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